MultiQuad Exhibit System

The MultiQuad has a unique design, enabling the lifespan to last beyond traditional displays. The base of the MultiQuad consists of interchangeable aluminum frames and Quads, which lets the users reconfigure the display into something new time and time again. Synergy is happy to provide this product as an option for our clients! Also available for rent.
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multiquad exhibit wall


23″, 46″ and 92″ standard and Max components that become the building blocks of your design, letting you customize walls, towers and half-walls to fit your needs.

showcase exhibit display


Integrated product showcases, shelves, bridges, canopy lighting systems, media and iPad mounts, counters and modular seating cubes. Options gallore!

multiquad exhibit wall trade show booth idea


Choose from back-lit graphics, specific PMS colors, or simulated wood finishes; interchangeable quads let’s you redesign your booth for every show if you want to!