Remembering Pearl Harbor


“Remember Pearl Harbor:” these words resonate in the hearts of all Americans and remind us to be grateful for our security and freedom. In 2016, the World War II Museum commemorated the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, a tragedy that questioned our country’s security and freedom. They enlisted the help of Synergy to create an traveling exhibit that visually depicted the infamous events of December 7, 1941.

The emotion of the attack is portrayed in large-format black and white graphics on two-sided display columns. Images of planes and smoke juxtaposed to stoic portraits of naval officers imparted the chaos of the moment while honoring our soldiers. The columns are lightweight and portable enough for the exhibit to travel, the bases have the museum’s logo embossed in them. Using vertical structures gives the museum ease of reconfigurability so they fit any space.

national WWII museum 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor exhibit column portable museum exhibit display

From exhibit displays to permanent installations at Synergy we use a multitude of elements to make a space come to life. We emphasize design that can be repurposed and reused for future events so our customers get the most out of their investment: whether it is to commemorate a tragic event or to celebrate the beauty of life and freedom.


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