Exhibit Rentals

Exhibit Rental double deck

If you’re looking for exhibit rentals, you found the solution with our Display Rental division. www.display-rental.com

We make your trade show look custom, and provide you with anything from a table cover to a double-deck. 

Customized Exhibit Rentals

Because we strive to give you a look that does NOT look like a rental, our team evaluates your needs and budget in order to offer you a customized exhibit rental that will fit your needs. Our rental offerings include manufacturer rentals by Nomadic Display, Classic Exhibits, Expo’s MultiQuad.

In addition to hardware and graphics, we offer Nomadic’s Media app for your iPad for rent on a 30-day basis, ideal for tracking show leads, immediate response to attendee product information requests and easy follow up for your sales team. 

Turnkey Solutions

Exhibit Rentals can also include furniture, flooring, electronics, design and installation and dismantle services, for a turnkey solution.

 For a gallery of designs already available, check out our rental gallery here.

These are only samples of designs, we can customize any to fit your needs. Some sample rentals can also be seen here.

Request a rental quote. Everything you need for your trade show is right here. OR PLEASE VISIT OUR RENTAL SITE: www.display-rental.com


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