20×20 Booth for Biloxi Freezing Features Canopy, Hanging Sign


How do you make the coolest guys look cooler? Synergy collaborated on a modular 20×20 trade show booth for Biloxi Freezing at Seafood Expo North America 2017. The exhibit was definitely cool, but what made this booth interesting is how all of the different elements came together. To illustrate, see the photos below. 

A modern interpretation of a shrimp shack inspired the front of the booth. To the left and right of a large graphic, we mounted LED screens and 3D text onto columns. The perk? A large counter works as space for a meet and greet, as well as casual conversation and product introduction. The “coolest” part of the exhibit was the ice-cube inspired graphic hanging sign. In other words, a pillowcase graphic of the company’s name, logo, and tagline on a “frozen” block of ice.

The distinct elements of the 20×20 peninsula booth for Biloxi Freezing created a visually interesting, fully functional selling environment at SENA 2017.


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