A Custom Rental to Mimic New Orleans Architecture

A white and black scooter parked on a cobblestone street next to a table and chairs. The scooter has the text "top Truck " written on the case on top, and the backdrop is a picture of a house in the French quarter of Louisiana. There is a counter with the GoCo logo on it and energize your HR as an LED sign on the hedges on the side

For client GoCo to stand out at #SHRM2022 in New Orleans,  we brought the city’s traditional architecture to the trade show floor. This #20x20exhibit features a hedge wall with an LED sign to promote what they do, custom printed flooring and a truckster to offer coldbrew to their prospects. Visit their booth to find out how their HR software can energize your HR. Tired of your exhibit? Let us energize yours!


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