Adding Unique Style: Beachview’s Custom Interactive Slider

Project Overview

We created a 10×10 standout booth with an interactive slider for Beachview that met all their needs within a compact 10×10 space. Their goal was to design an attractive exhibit that was affordable and low-maintenance while also incorporating digital features. The client wanted a distinctive and customized display that would distinguish them from other vendors and make a lasting impact on visitors.

Design & Implementation

In response to Beachview’s booth requirements, our team introduced an innovative and interactive slider that became the focal point of the design. This cutting-edge element was meticulously crafted to engage visitors dynamically, offering a seamless and immersive experience. The interactive slider showcased a range of captivating content, allowing users to navigate and explore Beachview’s offerings effortlessly. Its intuitive design captured attention and provided a unique and memorable way for attendees to interact with the brand, setting Beachview’s booth apart as a hub of innovation and engagement.

Image of a tablet computer on a table with text. The text on the tablet says "BEFORE & AFTER THE STORM" and "BEACHVIEW ENERGY"


The custom booth design created by Synergy Design Group exceeded Beachview’s expectations, and positive feedback was received from both the client and attendees at the SEE Conference. The Touch Screen Kiosk with a custom interactive slider provided attendees with an engaging and interactive experience, further enhancing the brand’s impact.

The client even wrote to the President of Synergy Design Group, Luz Lobos, “Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and great exhibit! It was hands-down the best one there! We would love to be able to use our sign and graphics again”! Overall, the project succeeded, effectively differentiating Beachview from other exhibitors and leaving a lasting impression on attendees and fantastic reviews from Beachview.

A 3D rendering of a trade show booth for Beachview Energy. The booth has a wooden floor and a chair with two screens on it. The booth also has text that reads "THE CALM BEFORE & AFTER THE STORM" and "BEACHVIEW ENERGY."

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