Blueprint for a long-term partnership with NX Flitartion

A group of people standing in front of a filtration stand at a trade show. The stand has a large sign with the company logo and text that says "NX Filtration" and "Filtration Systems for Every Need." There are also several smaller signs that list the company's services and products, such as "Water Filtration," "Air Filtration," and "Oil Filtration." This display contains a custom graphic back wall, a hanging sign, and banner signs.

Project Overview

NX Filtration sought to enhance its trade show presence, focusing on projecting an image of quality, innovation, and advanced technological solutions. With a budget in mind, we successfully incorporated a 500 kg machine into a 20 x 20 island booth, introducing distinctive elements such as LED walls and a coffee machine. We opted for a raised floor, carefully reinforced, based on the equipment specifications provided to overcome potential installation hurdles. 

NX Filtration’s emphasis on visibility, vibrant colors, and sustainability heavily influenced our design decisions. Proactively sharing branding guidelines and equipment specs on the same day showcased our commitment to seamless collaboration. Sustainability considerations extended to future shows, with plans for repurposing sustainable items. Our efficient workflow, quick decision-making, and dedication to a long-term partnership were key aspects of our approach.

Design & Implementation

We integrated a 500 kg machine into a captivating 20 x 20 island booth by addressing the challenge within the specified budget. The design featured innovative elements, including LED walls and a coffee machine, adding a touch of sophistication. We strategically implemented a raised floor to tackle potential installation complexities, ensuring robust reinforcement based on meticulous equipment specifications. NX Filtration’s preferences for visibility, vibrant colors, and sustainability were pivotal in shaping our design process. Taking a proactive stance, we initiated prompt communication by sharing branding guidelines and equipment specs on the same day. Our commitment to sustainability extended to future shows, with strategic plans for repurposing sustainable items. The efficiency of our workflow, coupled with a swift decision-making process, reflected our dedication to fostering a lasting and fruitful partnership.


Nx Filtration expressed delight with the outcome, particularly commending our charging tables, higher back wall, and enhanced visibility. Internal discussions would determine specific details such as hanging sign size and tower height, showcasing the collaborative nature of our partnership. A positive client testimonial underscored the success of our collaboration, affirming NX Filtration’s commitment to future shows. As we anticipate the upcoming AMTA-AWWA conference, we focus on meeting and exceeding NX Filtration’s expectations, delivering a design that seamlessly works for future shows.

A brightly lit exhibition stand with a modern and professional feel. The stand features the company logo and tagline "Filtration: Energy Efficient, Chemical Free, Simple Process." A television displays information about the company's filtration system, while a potted plant adds a touch of life to the space. the back wall for nx filtration and our long-term partnership

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