Branded Interiors

a wall with a light gray world map and on top of that is acrylic black and white circles that form the letter "C". Design Excellence: Elevating Cognate's Spaces with Synergy Design Group - Crafting innovative designs that resonate with brand identity and foster immersive experiences. Discover the transformative journey and explore the potential for future clients. Expertise, storytelling, and aesthetics combined for impactful spaces and enduring legacies


What do visitors think when they first walk into your space?
Are you sending the right message, or any message at all?

Our integrated branded interior design for lobbies, office spaces, educational facilities, and other commercial environments leverages your message and converts your workspace into a marketing asset.
Express your company culture, highlight achievements, showcase your values or keep history alive with branded signage and graphic elements that sync with your corporate identity.
Synergy can help you make a great first impression with commercial interiors specific to your environment.


Branded interiors help spread the company culture throughout the organization. To illustrate, training centers, cafeterias, and other commercial interiors connect team members to company culture and beliefs. Furthermore, in conference rooms and lobbies, clients learn of your services while in a welcoming space.


Large and small solutions customized to enhance the museum visitor experience. For example, custom or graphic kiosks and reconfigurable displays. Many options for text and graphics. For example, wallpaper, board-mounted, and direct-print solutions. 3D and printed signage in acrylic, metal, wood, or PVC.


Metal, acrylic, wood, or plastic 3D logos and signs make for attractive details in your space. For example, specialty surface treatments, finishes, and custom-printed wallpaper. Additionally, custom solutions include showcases, plaques, information, mall kiosks, and more.

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