Bringing Letters to Life: Our Masterpiece for the 3DExperience World 2020 Expo


At Synergy Design Group, we created stunning 3D letters for the 3DExperience World 2020 Expo. First, we crafted the letters from 3D foam core, ensuring they were lightweight and durable. Next, we sealed the edges with stucco, adding a smooth finish. Finally, we painted the letters, giving them a vibrant and eye-catching look. This process ensured the 3D letters stood out beautifully at the expo.

Seaborn Swims to Victory at SENA with Synergy Design Group

Synergy Design Group helped Seaborn navigate the SENA show with a stunning 10×30 modern and functional booth. The spacious design featured a 30-foot wide back wall accented by branded graphics. For a touch of luxury, a transparent panel canopy hovered overhead, allowing light to flow while creating a distinct visual impression. Dye-sub SEG tension fabric graphics adorned the back wall and continued seamlessly across the walls, ensuring brand messaging was prominent throughout the booth. The strategic use of transparent panels and high-quality graphics ensured the booth stood out, attracting significant attention throughout the SENA show.

Santec Soars: Unveiling the Double-Decker Product Paradise!


We designed a massive two-story island booth for Santec that will stop attendees in their tracks.  The Santac Booth is a large island booth with two floors. It serves as a product display area, showcasing merchandise effectively. We used inlaid fill lights to create dynamic highlights on the products. The lighting design enhances the visual appeal of the merchandise. Our booth design ensures maximum visibility and engagement.

Additionally, the two-floor structure allows for efficient space utilization. The Santac Booth perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. We aimed to create an inviting and practical display area for Santac’s products. Every element was carefully planned to optimize the booth’s impact.

Putting Innovation First: Synergy Design Group’s Interactive Fleetguard Booth

⛳️ Hole in one for booth design! ⛳️

We created a fun and interactive experience for Fleetguard at a recent trade show with a giant 50′ x 30′ putting green! The enclosure even had a playful  a White Picket fence-style barrier system. But wait, there’s more! Every hole’s scenery featured Fleetguard filtration products, making the booth informative and engaging. Our design seamlessly blends functionality with creativity, making the booth both practical and visually appealing. Who knew learning could be so much fun?

Pawsome Design for Mars Pet Care Corporate Interiors!

Mars TV poka dot display

We brought Mars Pet Care’s office to life with playful and informative interiors. Check out the highlights:

  • Digital graphics on 3D polka dots! It’s a dynamic look that’s sure to turn heads.
  • They branded the retail area with mixed-media displays—physical products and digital information—the perfect way to showcase their latest goodies!
  • Clear communication with a branded SEG display wall. ℹ️ Important announcements and info will never be missed.
  • CNC cut signs and custom banners for a pawsitively cohesive brand experience. ✨ Their brand will shine bright throughout the space.
  • A space designed to showcase their latest and greatest! ➡️✅ **New products will always be in the spotlight.

We love how this space combines digital and physical elements to create a fun and engaging environment for Mars Pet Care’s team. 

Unveiling the wonders of Dunbar Caves!

Dunbar caves history wall

We’re thrilled to share our work on the Dunbar Caves Visitor Center near Nashville, TN! This project for Radnor Lake State Park is all about bringing the beauty of nature indoors. We designed, built, and installed everything from vinyl wall murals and custom cave formations (using 3D scans) to eye-catching entrance signage and educational exhibits. Special display cases put the spotlight on the wonders of the wilderness, making learning an adventure for visitors of all ages.This project is a perfect example of how we seamlessly blend nature with education.

HCA’s Island Oasis: Escape the Ordinary at Their Trade Show Booth

HCA Front Facing

We crafted a 20’X20′ island booth with a hanging sign for HCA. We included custom halo-lit graphics and a multi-dimensional graphic design. The booth features branded counters with 3D typeface and recessed lighting. Additionally, we incorporated hidden charging stations for convenience. The modular booth design offers versatility, making it adaptable for various events. Our open-concept design creates a welcoming space. The island booth highlights HCA’s brand with striking custom graphics. We ensured every detail, from lighting to layout, enhances the overall experience.

Showcasing Brilliance: Jotun’s Dynamic Booth Design at AMPP New Orleans

jotun side

For Jotun‘s 10×20 rental booth at AMPP New Orleans, Booth #824, March 3-7, we at Synergy Design Group meticulously crafted a functional and engaging space. Our design features a back wall with a right-side return graphic wall, ensuring a seamless presentation. We opted for unprinted white panels on the exterior right to comply with neighboring booth regulations. The booth highlights custom SEG tension fabric prints on the back wall and product feature wall, prominently featuring the Jotun logo on Ultraboard above an LED monitor. The booth’s centerpiece is a sleek white laminate counter with a locking storage and LED accent light toe kick, complemented by a highboy bar table and bar stools for a welcoming atmosphere. Our design ensures both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality for an impactful exhibition presence.

Striking Booth Design for Accenture at WBENC 2024

Accenture WBENC 2024

Accenture needed a 20×20 booth rental for the WBENC 2024 conference in Denver, CO, from March 19-22.  We aimed to provide a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality, ensuring the booth would stand out and serve its purpose effectively. We designed a 16′ high tower with locking storage, providing ample space and security. The double-sided lightbox return wall added visual appeal and functionality. An L-shaped counter with LED accents served as a welcoming reception area, featuring locking storage and an applied logo. Our design included existing SEG tension fabric graphics for the tower and new graphics for the front and back of the meeting room wall. Acrylic panels with applied icons enhanced the semi-private meeting area, creating an inviting space for discussions at WBENC 2024.

Del Pacifico 10×10 for SENA 2024

Del Pacifico and Synergy Design Group embarked on a collaborative journey to refresh their successful 10×10 exhibition space. We maintained familiarity by preserving key elements like the freezer, TV, tables, and iconic hanging sign. However, innovation took center stage. A smaller back wall screen and integrated shelves replaced the bulkier configuration, maximizing space and showcasing products more effectively.  We also revisited past feedback, refining Del Pacifico’s brand visuals and messaging for a consistent yet refreshed presentation. This strategic approach, fostered by open communication and collaboration, ensured a visually appealing and functional space that delivered a more substantial brand impact within the limited footprint of Del Pacifico.