Cox and Synergy Sail at FILBS Tradeshow

Cox and Synergy Sail at FILBS Tradeshow



Cox and Synergy Sail at Filbs Tradeshow. At the FLIBS tradeshow in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cox PowerTrain stole the spotlight from October 26th to 30th, 2022. They unveiled their state-of-the-art outboard engine, positioning themselves as a company ready for the future. Their tagline, “An outboard engine fit for the future,” aimed to captivate attendees with their groundbreaking technology. Helping them achieve this goal was the renowned Synergy Design Group. Synergy crafted an impressive 25×15 booth under the show’s outdoor covered tent area that left a lasting impression on all visitors. Synergy Design Group, known for its innovative and immersive exhibit designs, spared no effort in creating a visually striking booth for Cox PowerTrain. They leveraged high-quality products and creative design elements to ensure the booth stood out amidst the sea of displays at FLIBS.


The Design

To enhance the functionality of the booth, Synergy Design Group used a raised flooring platform with an ADA ramp. This platform added visual interest while providing a seamless and accessible pathway for visitors to navigate the booth. This choice is to showcase Cox PowerTrain’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.


Custom Display

The booth’s back, and side walls featured custom dye-sub graphics, creating a visually stunning backdrop that perfectly complemented Cox’s branding. The seamless tension fabric gave the booth a polished look, capturing the attention and drawing people into the exhibit. For added impact, Synergy Design Group incorporated a custom display, which included extra height and back wall length, along with dibond exterior and “ribbon” sign details. This custom display provided additional space to showcase Cox’s products and acted as a striking visual element.


The LED Smart TVs

To engage visitors further, a strategically placed 65″ LED Smart TV showcased dynamic videos and presentations,

immersing attendees in the world of Cox PowerTrain’s innovative outboard engine. The LED screen’s captivating visuals and

informative content left a lasting impression on visitors, solidifying Cox PowerTrain’s position as an industry leader.


Custom Crate

Synergy Design Group also addressed practical considerations by incorporating custom crate storage within the booth. This custom storage solution ensured that all materials and belongings remained neatly organized and easily accessible. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free booth throughout the event, the custom crate storage was a hit.


Custom Counter

The booth’s custom counter, featuring backlit LED edging, exuded sophistication and elegance. Its sleek design and beautiful lighting drew attention to Cox PowerTrain’s product displays, creating a focal point within the booth that enticed attendees to engage with the brand. To reinforce the brand identity and increase visual impact, Synergy Design Group included custom halo-lit 3D letters. These eye-catching, illuminated letters added depth and dimension to the booth, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.


Cox PowerTrain Steers into FLIBS Tradeshow with Innovative Booth Design.

With their exceptional booth design and captivating tagline, Cox PowerTrain successfully left a lasting impression on attendees at the FLIBS tradeshow. Synergy Design Group’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to creating an immersive experience significantly impacted the booth’s success. Cox and Synergy Sail at FILBS Tradeshow are starting a beautiful collaboration together.



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