Crafting Culinary Excellence: ANOVA’s Sensational SENA Showcase


Project Overview

Synergy Design Group had the task of creating a 10×30 booth space at SENA. Our client needed to showcase three divisions within the space: Ahi Tuna for Dummies, ANOVA, and Natural Blue Brand. Each division had specific requirements for product displays and guest interactions. The focus was on prepared food items, aligning with the “Year of the Sear” theme. Functional refrigeration was essential for thaw-and-serve samples. The client also wanted repurposable graphics for their ANOVA and Natural Blue sections.

Anova SENA 2024

Design & Implementation

We didn’t just create a booth, we crafted an innovative space. We developed a unique back wall that segmented the booth into three 10ft units, each tailored to the specific division’s needs. The left side featured a refrigerated deli display and sushi cases for Ahi Tuna for Dummies, providing a comprehensive Tuna 101 experience. The center showcased ANOVA graphics with a looping video monitor, repurposable for future 10×10 booths. The right side displayed Natural Blue’s non-treated fish with another refrigerated deli display, emphasizing the precise smoke method. Our design included a central counter with sushi displays on either side, effectively dividing the space and enhancing product visibility. This setup ensured efficient use of space while meeting the client’s diverse needs.


The client was thrilled with the final booth. They received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their sales team, who not only loved the booth design and furniture but also appreciated the attention to detail, such as the carpet padding. The video display was a significant hit, highlighting the importance of charging more for such impactful features. Although the team had to refresh the refrigerated displays daily, they made it work effectively. The client plans to exhibit in 2025 with potential additions like a dorm fridge for VIP samples and improved ice displays. Overall, the booth successfully showcased their divisions, supported by versatile and eye-catching ANOVA graphics.


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