Elevating Workboat Show Presence: A Captivating and Immersive Experience by Synergy Design Group

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Project Overview

Our creative team, drawing on their extensive experience in designing for the maritime industry, collaborated closely with our clients to fully understand and address their specific needs.  Maritime Partners, LLC is a global provider of maritime assets, vessel leasing solutions, and construction financing. An expanding enterprise, Maritime Partner’s goal was clear — to enhance visibility amongst their industry peers. In pursuit of this goal, our client decided to invest in a significantly larger exhibit space. This year’s design challenges were multifaceted, requiring us to not only expand the booth’s physical footprint in a cohesive manner, but also to incorporate additional features aimed at creating a long-lasting impact that would continue to increase visibility for our client long after the show.

We aimed to enhance the graphic elements and overall appeal of the space, resulting in a redesigned area that is not only visually captivating but also embodies Maritime Partners’ core values, chief among them “Clients First” and “Results Oriented”.  

Central to this 20ft x80ft design was the installation of a striking 20-foot-wide LED display, showcasing breathtaking scenes of the world’s oceans. Installed in the center of this massive display, an LED entryway beckoned visitors to step through and engage Maritime Partner’s representatives.

A brightly lit trade show booth with blue and white geometric shapes for maritime partners. The booth features a large interactive screen, a white couch, and a model hydrogen fuel cell on display. In the background, a company logo with the text “POWERCELL” is visible.
Elevating Workboat Show Presence: A Captivating and Immersive Experience

Design & Implementation

Our approach to the design was marked by innovation and creativity. Leveraging the double deck structure efficiently, we created an immersive, semi-enclosed environment replete with meeting spaces, rich backlit graphics, and custom-branded technology. The double-deck structure offers unique opportunities for clients to tell their stories while serving as a beacon on the competitive trade show floor. 

This year we unveiled a mesmerizing LED wall that portrayed dramatic oceanic scenes. The cornerstone of this display was a walk-through LED tunnel, providing access to the booth through the center of this display. This effect was achieved through the use of low-pitch LED paneling and 4k video technology. 

Additionally, we employed motion-tracking technology on 75” displays positioned on the external walls of the booth. These displays, equipped with depth cameras, reacted to nearby motion with custom-branded visual effects, tailored to Maritime Partner’s branding. These interactive features served to ensure crowd engagement from any angle. Furthermore, our designers at Synergy Design Group took inspiration from the geographic scale of Maritime Partner’s operations, incorporating graphics that highlighted not only their varied solutions, but their different areas of influence, from turbulent Northern seas to calm Caribbean harbors.

Our clients were in need of a large meeting space, one capable of hosting guests without undermining the booth’s design elements. The solution was a private, semi-enclosed meeting space, the interior of which was fully illuminated by backlit maritime scenes and finished with organic elements. This fully customized interior meeting provided a comfortable and visually stunning setting for discussion while granting a full view of the exhibit. The illuminating elements of the interior spaces provided design consistency and a counterpoint to the exterior LED elements. Most importantly, these features were visible from afar and pulled attendees through the LED tunnel and into the space.


By intentionally considering the client’s needs and goals, our team was able to deliver a solution that met and exceeded expectations. The resulting exhibit design successfully showcased Maritime Partners’ brand and positioned them as a force to be reckoned with, both in the industry at large and as International WorkBoat exhibitors. 

For a successful installation of the LED wall, our team collaborated with Fuse.  The collaboration was seamless, underscoring the value of our relationships. The booth’s visual impact was profound, capturing attendees’ attention and sparking engaging conversations. At any given moment, 15 to 20 visitors could be seen captivated by the LED video wall, most of whom, we are pleased to announce, journeyed through the tunnel and engaged a Maritime representative. The motion-tracking experience effectively complemented the LED Wall and drew interest to the exhibit from multiple angles.

The successful execution of ambitious visual design fostered trust and excitement within the Maritime Partners team, laying the groundwork for future collaborations. 

By achieving a harmonious blend of originality and practicality, Synergy Design Group surpassed the client’s expectations and contributed materially to their marketing successes. This was evident not only through on-floor reactions, but also through social media engagement, and even through recognition in national outlets. The achievements at Workboat 2023 serve as a springboard for even more daring and impactful immersive designs in the future.

A photorealistic image of a trade show booth for YANMAR PowerCell, a company that specializes in hydrogen fuel cells for the maritime industry. The booth is designed to look like a modern shipyard, with blue and white colors and geometric shapes. In the foreground, there is a large interactive screen that is displaying information about the company's products and services. In the background, there is a model of a hydrogen fuel cell. The company logo, which is the text "YANMAR PowerCell" in white letters, is visible on the wall behind the screen.

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