Crafting a Striking Presence with our Unique Semi-Circle Sign Cut

semi-circle sign cut for shell logo

Project Overview

Our mission is to showcase the company’s logo in the atrium, following the agreed-upon design for the shell logo. Under Shell’s sponsorship, branding in the three-story atrium’s front section is permitted, ensuring visibility.To meet the deadline of the Arts Center’s grand opening in late September, prompt and precise execution is essential. The proposed solution involves the installation of a distinctive semi-circle sign cut, aligning with the client’s branding requirements and timeline.

Design & Implementation

In crafting the solution, we initiated by building a full-scale model for meticulous adjustments by the electrical and architectural teams. Once completed, securing Shell Brand approval was our next step before progressing to the permanent signage installation. The distinctive semi-circle sign features a unique design with a triangular pattern die-cut from acrylic, suspended 16′ from the ceiling. The sign is double-sided, lit by circular lighting, enclosed in a powder-coated white metal frame with custom laser-cut This approach ensures a visually striking and durable semi-circle sign, meeting both aesthetic and practical requirements for our client’s brand representation.


Client testimonials highlight our team’s professionalism and attention to detail in executing the 20×20 booth design for IMB Partners. The hanging sign’s visibility was particularly loved, with plans to change the smaller sign possibly next year. The inclusion of a closet and a lounge area garnered positive feedback.

Our booth emerged as the preferred choice in a company survey, noted for its interactive and display features. The commitment to sustainability shines as we plan to reuse graphics wherever possible. Future collaboration is on the horizon, affirming the success and satisfaction of our 20×20 exhibit.

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