Immersive Experience


Transform Your Space with Immersive Experiences

Step into the future of trade shows and events, where the strategic integration of immersive technologies is reshaping the landscape into immersive experiences. In a world where first impressions matter, businesses are leveraging the power of virtual reality, LEDs, holograms, and beyond to captivate audiences and elevate their brand presence. Exciting new tools exist that are capable of transforming conventional exhibits into dynamic showcases and reshaping how companies engage with their audiences. Get ready to explore the extraordinary – your future exhibits will become unforgettable.

immersive experience motion activator sensor water particle move with person walking in front of video monitor

Motion Tracking

Immersive experience LED video wall. video walls of waves for an exhibit entrance at workboat

LED Video Walls

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Touchscreen Displays

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

We offer cutting-edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for your brand. Our products are custom-built, user-friendly, and guaranteed to excite visitors.

Custom virtual reality tours, AR product demos, and interactive Apps are just some of the solutions we specialize in. The possibilities are limitless in 3D, and our dedicated design team enjoys exceeding your marketing goals with an immersive, engaging exhibit.

Do you need help envisioning how a 3D experience can elevate your brand? The Virtual and Augmented reality design world can be confusing and ever-changing. We get it and are here to help! At Synergy, we take pride in guiding our clients from concept to implementation and finding a solution that meets their needs, not ours.

LED Walls & 4k Displays

Step into the vanguard of trade show innovation with the transformative capabilities of high-definition displays. These remarkable displays, far more than static visuals, open a realm of possibilities for exhibitors seeking to redefine attendee engagement. Gone are the days of an HD monitor looping a made-for- TV commercial. Envision cutting-edge motion-tracking features that respond seamlessly to gestures, turning passive observation into a dynamic, personalized interaction. Transport your audience into a three-dimensional narrative through immersive 3D simulations, breaking free from the confines of traditional presentation formats. Furthermore, consider the cinematic potential of LED walls, where breathtaking renders and visuals not only showcase your brand but envelop attendees in a sensory experience. When thoughtfully implemented, LED walls have the potential to revolutionize your audience’s experience.


You may recognize this term from science fiction, but holograms are real and impact the world of trade shows. These three-dimensional, lifelike projections transcend traditional displays, offering your brand a dynamic and interactive showcase. Imagine your products or messages materializing in mid-air, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle that effortlessly draws attention. Holograms can be utilized to showcase intricate product details, enabling potential clients to explore offerings from every angle and fostering a deeper understanding of your offerings. The impact of holograms extends beyond visual appeal; they create a memorable and futuristic atmosphere that resonates with attendees long after the event concludes. From intrigued expressions to enthusiastic conversations, audience reactions to holograms are consistently marked by fascination and curiosity. Elevate your trade show presence by seamlessly integrating holographic displays, captivating your audience, and leaving an indelible imprint that sets your brand apart in the competitive exhibition landscape.


“Our booth was a hub of activity, where we showcased our commitment to excellence and innovation.”

Maritime Partners, LLC

“I love working with the synergy design group. They helped bring my vision to life, we had so much fun with them. I would work with them every single time, they’re awesome.”


FAQs about Immersive Experience

What role do holograms play in transforming conventional exhibits, and how do they impact audience engagement?

Holograms bring a futuristic and interactive element to exhibits, captivating audiences and fostering engagement by presenting information in a visually dynamic manner.

What are the key benefits of incorporating virtual reality (VR) into trade show exhibits?

Virtual reality enhances immersive experiences, allowing businesses to showcase products or services in a unique and engaging way, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

How can LEDs enhance the visual appeal of a trade show booth and contribute to a memorable brand presence?

LEDs provide vibrant and customizable lighting solutions, attracting attention and creating a visually stunning booth that reinforces brand identity.

How do these technology tools help businesses create impactful connections with their target audience at trade shows?

By offering innovative and memorable experiences, technology tools help businesses stand out, facilitating meaningful interactions and connections with attendees.

In what ways can businesses use technology to differentiate themselves from competitors in a crowded trade show environment?

Integrating cutting-edge technology allows businesses to showcase their innovation, making them memorable and distinguishing them from competitors with more traditional displays.

Are these technologies suitable for all types of businesses, or are they more effective for specific industries or target audiences?

While adaptable, the effectiveness of these technologies may vary. Understanding the target audience and industry trends is crucial for optimal implementation.

What challenges might businesses face when integrating these technologies into their trade show strategies, and how can they overcome them?

Challenges may include technical issues, high costs, or audience unfamiliarity. Overcoming these involves careful planning, thorough training, and addressing potential concerns proactively.

Are there any considerations for ensuring a seamless and successful implementation of virtual reality, LEDs, holograms, and similar technologies at trade shows?

Factors such as booth layout, technical support, and attendee interaction should be carefully considered to ensure a smooth integration and positive user experience.

How can businesses gauge the ROI (Return on Investment) of their investment in technology for trade shows?

Businesses can measure ROI by tracking lead generation, attendee engagement, and post-event sales, comparing these metrics with the costs associated with implementing the technology.

Are there any potential pitfalls or common mistakes to avoid when using these technologies in a trade show setting?

Common pitfalls include technical malfunctions, insufficient staff training, or overly complex implementations. Proper planning and preparation can help mitigate these risks.

What level of technical expertise is required for businesses to effectively leverage these technologies at trade shows?

Depending on the complexity of the technology, businesses may need varying levels of technical expertise. Training staff and having technical support on-site can help ensure smooth operation.

Are there any considerations for ensuring that technology-enhanced trade show exhibits comply with industry regulations or standards?

Businesses should ensure that their technology implementations comply with relevant regulations, particularly in industries with specific standards related to safety, data privacy, or accessibility.

How do these technologies align with current trends in the trade show industry, and what does the future hold for the integration of technology in trade show strategies?

Technology is a key trend in the trade show industry, and the future is likely to see continued advancements, with more immersive experiences, increased interactivity, and a greater emphasis on digital engagement.