Expand GrandFabric

Setting up an expand grandfabric back wall
Fabric back wall for show and events. synergy design group

Straight back walls


A straight-back wall for events, tradeshows, the office, or other brand-building activities. Just click the frames together, pull over your fabric graphic, add the feet, and you are ready! The fabric covers both the front and the back. Choose to print on both sides or black fabric on the back. Available in different widths and two heights – 94 1/2″ and 125 3/16″.

sdg curved backwall grandfabric

Curved back walls


A back wall with an organic shape – just as easy to set up as the straight one. Perfect for activities where visitors come from different directions (please note that the curved walls may have an hourglass effect on the back). This shape is available in various sizes and heights – 94 1/2″ and 125 3/16″.

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