Expand PodiumCase

EXPAND PODIUMCASE a sequence of a man setting up the EXPAND PODIUMCASE into a pink display booth

Case to Counter Seamlessly


a woman putting on a gray tabletop the expand podium black case

Put on the tabletop with ease.


Installing the PodiumCase is incredibly easy.  Just click the brackets (on one side and in the middle), then fold down the table top and repeat on the other. (Also comes with a bag to place the tabletop)

four shelves on the inside in the expand podium case that shows the shelves full of waters bottles,, flavored waters in cans, an ipad, and headphones

Add shelves to organize materials.


This case-to-counter solution allows you to insert up to four shelves on the inside. The shelves are perfect for storing brochures, drinks, and other event materials—maximum load per shelf: 22 lbs.

A Black exhibit hard case that can fit a back wall, booth, or other event materials

Pack and store (fits in your car)


Pack your back wall, booth, or other event materials in the hard case. This exhibit case is also perfect for keeping your event products stored in one place and protected until your next event.


The clear brochure pocket is holding papers that say headphones for colorful music and is easily mounted to the piml counter.
Use one or several brochure pockets.

The brochure pocket is easily mounted to your counter. Several can be attached in a row downward.

MONITOR HOLDER that can attach to the expand podium tabletop.
Monitor holder

The Expand PodiumCase also allows you to add a monitor holder that you attach to the tabletop.

Expand-Podium that is yellow and is displaying Rogers pass mountain gym with a woman at the desk.
Add a header for extra attention.

Make sure to be seen from a distance. Create a kiosk by adding our header to your counter.