Creating a 20×20 Synergy Design Group Customized Game Experience for Motivosity

Motivosity 20x20 island rental; SHRM Las Vegas, NV; Booth # 4110; Synergy Design Group Exhibit Solutions. Motivosity exhibit at SHRM Las Vegas, NV, June 11-14, 2023. The booth is a 20x20 island rental with a custom structure featuring dye-sub SEG tension fabric graphics, 3D MOTIVOSITY sign, and various custom counters. The exhibit includes a 75" flat screen for A/V display, iPad rentals with a customized timer app, and a custom game cabinet with applied graphics. There are also UV blacklight ink-stamped ping pong balls, UV flashlights, and various graphic wraps for the lottery game. Production services for files at size and project management are provided.

Project Overview:

Motivosity, our client, is in search of a design solution for a 20×20 island rental booth at the upcoming SHRM Las Vegas event. They want the booth to be engaging and interactive for attendees, with a fun and lively atmosphere. Our client has requested honeycomb graphics for the back of the booth but not on the front and back, and has a specific concept in mind.  They also want to include a game element like a gumball machine, Plinko, or claw machine to capture the audience’s attention. In addition, they want to have neon lighted swag shelves and iPad stands instead of walk-up touchscreens. The booth’s front should highlight a draw for a game and prizes.


Custom honeycomb pattern/honeycomb graphics backwall designed for Motivosity's 20x20 island rental booth at the SHRM Las Vegas event. The backwall features a visually engaging honeycomb pattern. The booth incorporates a custom game with a Lottery Blower, blacklight ping pong balls, and fun prizes for audience captivation. Neon-lit swag shelving and iPad stands are included, as well as a 3D backlit "MOTIVOSITY" sign. The booth design also includes a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream station, enhancing the fun and interactive atmosphere. The booth successfully created an engaging experience for attendees and received positive feedback from the client

Design & Implementation:

We created an exciting and interactive experience with a custom game that featured a Lottery Blower in this 20×20. This unique game featured blacklight ping pong balls—the booth design incorporated custom graphic SEG tension fabric graphics. Motivosity yeti Carl prizes are a staple for this client’s booth, creating excitement and enjoyment from all attendees. We added some eye-catching elements to the booth to make it stand out, such as a custom 3D sign with the word “MOTIVOSITY” and backlit honeycombs. We also included iPads and a road graphic with pins. To make things even more fun, they had a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream station to create an engaging atmosphere.


The booth design at the SHRM Las Vegas event was a resounding success, creating an engaging and interactive experience for attendees. The custom Lottery Blower received positive feedback and captivated the audience with its unique blacklight ping pong balls and fun prizes that the client had a constant stream of attendees at their booth. The client expressed satisfaction with the team’s work: “The team – they’re fantastic. They help bring my vision to life “. The project met its goals, creating a fun, interactive booth that left a positive impression and delivered a successful ROI.

Motivosity Team at the SHRM Las Vegas event. The team members are standing at the 20x20 island rental booth, which features a custom game with a Lottery Blower for audience engagement. The booth design includes honeycomb pattern graphics on the back, a 3D backlit "MOTIVOSITY" sign, iPads, and swag shelving with neon lights. The booth successfully created a fun and interactive experience for attendees, with positive feedback received. The team's hard work and dedication helped bring the client's vision to life, leaving a positive impression on attendees and achieving a successful ROI for the client
A rendering of a trade show booth for Motivosity, an employee experience app. The booth features a snowman standing in front of a phone displaying the app. The booth also has text that reads "Creating Winning Cultures" and "Motivosity: Track Performance, Develop Managers, Recognize & Reward, Build Community."






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