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Norway SENA 2024

Project Overview

Our client, affiliated with Innovation Norway and the Seafood Council, presented us with a challenge: to craft a pavilion design that not only showcased their brand identity and products but also fostered meaningful interactions with event attendees. They sought an environment that would stand out amidst the crowd, drawing visitors in and leaving a lasting impression.

innovation norway SENA inside

Design & Implementation

To meet this challenge, we devised a design concept that seamlessly blended elements of wood and white, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth. Our approach aimed to differentiate the pavilion from others at the event, ensuring that it would be both visually striking and inviting to explore.

One particularly unique aspect of our design was the strategic placement of interactive displays and product showcases, encouraging engagement and conversation among visitors. By carefully considering the flow of foot traffic and the placement of key features, we were able to optimize the pavilion’s layout for maximum impact.


The unveiling of the pavilion for Innovation Norway was met with resounding praise from both clients and event attendees. Clients commended the high-quality graphics and our team’s responsive communication throughout the project. Attendees were drawn to the pavilion’s inviting atmosphere, with many expressing interest in learning more about the showcased products.

Looking ahead, our plans include building upon the success of this project by implementing further enhancements. We aim to enhance the pavilion’s ambiance with the addition of overhead lighting, creating an even more immersive experience for visitors. Additionally, we will refine logistical aspects such as fridge placement to ensure smoother operations for future events.

Incorporating sustainable elements into our design is also a priority for us. We will explore opportunities to repurpose materials and minimize waste wherever possible, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Overall, the success of this project serves as a testament to our team’s dedication to exceeding client expectations. We look forward to continuing to innovate and collaborate on future projects, further solidifying our reputation as leaders in innovative design solutions.

Side view of norway seafood

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