Revamping an Older Booth: Synergy Design Group’s Success Story

Project Overview

As Synergy Design Group, our task was to revamp an existing booth for the 20×20 WWETT show in January. Our client, Boerger, sought options for re-using elements from their previous exhibit at WEFTEC and inquired about rental possibilities for a similar setup. Additionally, they expressed interest in procuring a hanging sign for the WWETT show and requested a quote for both setting up and tearing down the booth display and equipment. Our goal was to meet their needs efficiently while maximizing the impact of their exhibit within the given space and budget constraints.

Design & Implementation

In addressing the client’s needs, we opted for a custom exhibit featuring an Omni-fixed wall system with lightbox frames to enhance visibility and branding. A standout feature was the custom “L” counter, offering flexibility and functionality with LED accent lighting and increased interior depth. We also ensured seamless wire management for a clean and professional appearance. By leveraging our expertise in booth design and implementation, we delivered a solution that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, setting their exhibit apart on the show floor.


Our coordination with Boergar on orders and early vendor correspondence facilitated smooth logistics, ensuring timely delivery and setup. The client’s satisfaction with the booth space and the seamless operation of labor and forklift services underscored the success of our approach. Despite encountering lessons learned, such as improving closet shelving and wire management, we met our goals effectively. Moving forward, we anticipate a detailed client review and the assembly of the counter to further enhance their exhibit experience. Considering the project’s success, we’re optimistic about future phases or new projects and remain committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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