Unveiling Synergy Design Group’s Innovative Journey with Pearlson’s Gift Wrap Graphic

A trade show booth display for PEARLSON SHIPLIFT. the middle tower is designed like large blue box with a red bow on it with a sign in front of it that says "DO NOT OPEN TIL DEC 1st 2022 11:00AM.” This display also has lit-up lightbox with Peralson graphics. The display is behind a white counter with agraphic in front of it that says PEARLSON SHIPLIFT Engineering Shiplifts Since 1953."

Project Overview

Synergy Design Group creatively employed a gift wrap graphic to unveil Pearlson’s new products while recreating the client’s cherished setup. We navigated challenges by reusing available assets, opting for a hanging sign with a vertical flat disc, and proposing a unique closet and semi-enclosed meeting structure. Prioritizing cost-effectiveness, we elevated the display with existing graphics, steering away from a console for simplicity. The face layout and angled lightboxes contributed to optimal booth orientation. Inspired by James’s examples, budget considerations guided our design for the island booth, showcasing innovation in design and problem-solving.

Here's the alt text for the rendering: The rendering shows a large, modern booth with a sleek, industrial design. The booth is predominantly white with blue and gray accents. Key elements of the booth include: A large sign at the top of the booth that reads "Pearlson Shiplift" in blue letters. A smaller sign below the main sign that reads "BAE Systems." A video screen on the left side of the booth that displays images of Pearlson shiplifts in action. A seating area in the center of the booth with comfortable chairs and a coffee table. A product display on the right side of the booth that features a model of a Pearlson shiplift. The company's slogan, "Engineering Shiplifts Since 1953," is prominently displayed on the back wall of the booth. The booth was designed by Synergy Design Group, a company that specializes in branded exhibit and event solutions.

Design & Implementation

In our implementation, we faced challenges such as missing hardware for the canopy, 3D logo, and monitor mounting. The absence of end cap coverings, scratched frame sides, and damaged wood panels demanded innovative solutions. With only three bases for the closet and a broken puck light, we strategized using matching puck lights and reskinning options. To address concerns about catching during the reveal, we proposed a waiver, a printed graphic for the reveal, and a mirrored floor plan. Flooring decisions between grey and blue, a wood grain reprint, and successful proofing were pivotal steps. Timely client communication regarding the front tower graphic and flooring was prioritized, ensuring synergy with exponents.


The client enthusiastically labeled our design their favorite booth, earning numerous accolades from show attendees.We plan to repurpose the gift wrap graphic and explore its use in upcoming events. Inspired by James’s suggestion, we aim to reinforce the canopy or design a new one to eliminate rigging costs in the future. The overall success with Workboat fosters optimism for continued collaboration and creative endeavors.

A photo of the back of a trade show booth for Pearlson Shiplift, a company that builds and designs shiplifts. The booth has a blue and white color scheme and features the company's logo and tagline, "Pearlson Shiplift: Engineering the Future of Shiplift Technology.

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