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Striking a Chord: Amazon Music’s Interactive Booth at CMA Fest Fan Fair X 2022

Amazon Music Booth

Project Overview

Amazon Music approached our experienced team with a challenge for the CMA Fan Fair Expo in Nashville, TN, from June 7th to 12th, 2022. They needed a dynamic 30×40 booth for the annual CMA Fest, featuring several interactive and engaging elements. The client sought a meet & greet area with queue line management, a self-service merch shop, an artist lounge/social capture space, a Country Heat playlist photo backdrop, a closet for extra storage, and a custom prize wheel for giveaways. Leveraging our expertise in [specific area], we were able to design a booth that not only met these requirements but also exceeded expectations.

Amazon records
Amazon Merch

Design & Implementation

We crafted a vibrant and functional booth, incorporating unique elements that set it apart. Our custom prize wheel, resembling a disco ball, was a show-stopping centerpiece. It was inset in a custom cabinet for storage and used adhesive-backed vinyl for color blocking and display graphics. We also introduced self-service merch areas where visitors could use QR codes to purchase items directly from their phones. The Country Heat photo backdrop, designed to make fans look like they were featured on the popular Amazon Music Podcast thumbnail, was a hit. Floating records with custom Amazon Music Center decals added a unique touch to the meet & greet area, enhancing the overall experience.

Amazon Music Photo backdrop booth


The booth was met with resounding praise from Amazon Music and the visitors, who were highly appreciative of the interactive and visually appealing setup. The unique features of the booth led to a significant increase in engagement and positive brand association, as reported by Amazon. Looking ahead, Amazon plans to repurpose some of the sustainable elements for future events, a clear indication of the project’s success. Our design not only met but exceeded the client’s needs, creating a truly memorable and successful experience at the CMA Fest Fan Fair X.

Amazon Music Wheel
Amazon angeld_

Navusoft’s Booth Glow-up with Synergy Design Group Magic

navusoft waste expo 2024

Project Overview

Last year Navusoft’s 20 x 20 booth had wins but needed enhancements. They appreciated the open framework, well-leveraged corner demo booths, and the spillover into aisleways. However, the overhead hanging piece required replacement. With a budget increase this year, Navusoft aimed for a bigger impact with a 30 x 40 booth. They desired more seating in a semi-private meeting area, a comfortable and inviting space, and options for ERTHOS-inspired designs. They also wanted to promulgate their software with large letters and integrated technology.

Navusoft's Booth Glow-up

Design & Implementation

To address Navusoft’s needs, we focused on a unique solution that combines comfort and high visibility. We created a semi-private meeting area with ample seating for longer sessions. We used ERTHOS-inspired designs for a welcoming environment. We replaced the overhead hanging piece with a striking LED display, ensuring it drew attention. We integrated motion detectors and imagery for an interactive experience. We positioned demo stations at the corners, each with laptops connected to HDMI and wireless keyboards. We included a touchscreen kiosk for interactive presentations, showcasing Navusoft’s software effectively. This kiosk was designed for multiple shows, ensuring long-term use and sustainability.


Navusoft was thrilled with the redesigned booth. The new 30 x 40 space made a significant impression, aligning with their vision. The semi-private meeting area provided comfort, and the LED display captured attention. The interactive elements, including the touchscreen kiosk, engaged visitors and clearly communicated their services. Client testimonials praised the design’s impact and functionality. Navusoft plans to reuse several elements for future shows, maximizing their investment. By focusing on comfort, visibility, and technology, we ensured Navusoft’s presence at the expo was memorable and effective.

navusoft renderings, Navusoft's Booth Glow-up