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Visitor Center Display – West Baton Rouge Parish “Kite Capital”

Happy National Kite Month!

Did you know that West Baton Rouge Parish (WBR) is the Kite Capital of Louisiana? Indeed, the area got its name from decades of kite flying and the parish’s largest festival, Kite Festival Louisiane. In 2014, Synergy Design Group created a permanent visitor center display in the West Baton Rouge CVB’s Tourist Information Center that showcases kite flying in WBR Parish.

We installed custom wallpaper, colorful wall-mounted graphics and a monitor in a special alcove dedicated to kiting, emphasizing the beauty and freedom of the hobby. As a result, WBR visitors feel welcomed and informed. Furthermore, the branded interior brings cohesion to the space. Contact us now to discuss your project.

West Baton Rouge Parish celebrates the Kite Festival Louisiane this weekend, April 7-8, 2018. Before attending the festival, check out the custom Kite Capital visitor center display at the tourist information center!


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