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Custom Hanging Sign and Island Exhibit for QSA Global


Our client QSA Global, Inc. wanted a modern, updated exhibit. So we designed, created and installed a custom hanging sign in the shape of a globe. In addition, we incorporated contemporary accents for the desired clean and modern look. #BeaBetterExhibitionist #SynergyDesignGroup #MindOverMatter

qsa custom trade show kiosk
qsa custom trade show kiosk

Island Exhibit for Ochsner Health System’s 20×20 Trade Show Space

We have worked with Ochsner Health System to complete projects varying in size, from pop-ups to 20×20 island displays. For example, this custom island exhibit design features branded tower and kiosks, encouraging engagement. In addition, up-lighting increases our client’s brand visibility. No matter which type of project, we always have a blast working with this client!  #SynergyDesignGroup #Ochsner #MindOverMatter

ochsner trade show display
ochsner island trade show booth
ochsner trade show counter
ochsner island trade show display