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20×20 Display for Human Resources Conference in New Orleans

two photos of the Motivosity booth with a sign that says "Get the scoop!" and a banner that says "Motivosity | Employee Recognition". The booth also has the words "motivosity matters" and "SYNERGY DESIGN GROUP branded exhibit and event solutions" written on it. 20x20 Display

Follow the footsteps to get a sweet treat from Carl at SHRM 2022 in New Orleans! While you’re there, be sure to check out Motivosity’s 20×20 display that features backlit and glowing branded graphics to educate their visitors about their employee engagement software.

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A Custom Rental to Mimic Architecture of New Orleans

A white and black scooter parked on a cobblestone street next to a table and chairs. The scooter has the text "top Truck " written on the case on top, and the backdrop is a picture of a house in the French quarter of Louisiana. There is a counter with the GoCo logo on it and energize your HR as an LED sign on the hedges on the side. Mimic Architecture of New Orleans

We mimic architecture to bring the city to life for SHRM! For client GoCo to stand out at #SHRM2022 in New Orleans,  we brought the city’s traditional architecture to the trade show floor. This #20x20exhibit features a hedge wall with an LED sign to promote what they do, custom printed flooring and a truckster to offer coldbrew to their prospects. Visit their booth to find out how their HR software can energize your HR. Tired of your exhibit? Let us energize yours! Let us mimic architecture to bring the city to life for you on the trade show floor.

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Workboat 2021

A blue booth with a large sign on the wall that says "Up to 30 years of corrosion protection. The secret to significant savings with patented covalox technology." The sign also includes the logos of Jotun and Jotacote UNIVERSAL S120.
A blue and white booth with stairs leading up to it. The booth has the text "MP MARITIME PARTNERS Occupancy 9 exhibit designed by SYNERGY DETOR GROUP" on it.
A booth with tables and chairs inside of it. The booth has a white backdrop and a black banner on the wall that says "TTEL 1005 SINCE 2". The banner also includes the logos of TTEL and Germany. There are several tables and chairs in the booth, and some of the tables have laptops on them.
A control panel and stools on a blue carpeted floor in front of a large military ship. The control panel has several buttons and knobs, and the stools are facing the ship. The text "PEARLSON SHIPLIFT F AVENTORS OF THE MODERN SHIPLIFT THE LEGACY CONTINUES 55555 62" is visible on the control panel. Workboat
A model of a Cox outboard motor on display at a boat show. The motor is silver and black, and it has the words "COX CX0300 DINING STANDARDS IN MARINE PROPULSON A DIESEL OUTBOARD. WITHOUT COMPROMISE GO DIESEL CHOICE" on it.
A group of stools sitting around a table in a room. The stools are black and white, and the table is dark wood. There is a television on the wall behind the table. The text "exhibit designed by SYNERGY DESIGN GROUP" and "POINT POWER" are visible on the table.

In December, thousands of maritime industry professionals came together to network and discover new products at the International Workboat Show in #NOLA. Our clients for #IWBS21 provide a variety of commercial vessel solutions and marine equipment. They stood out on the trade show floor with their eye-catching #exhibitdesigns that showcase their innovative products and high-quality services.

We enjoyed collaborating with Jotun, Pearlson Shiplift, Schottel, Cox PowerTrain, Point 8 Power, and Deepfried’s client, Maritime Partners, on their booth designs to highlight who they are and what they do! We can’t wait to see Workboat in 2022!

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