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Designing an Engaging 20×20 Exhibit at SCOPE Orlando, FL

WCG 20x20 exhibit at SCOPE

We were thrilled to partner with WCG in creating a stunning 20×20 exhibit at SCOPE in Orlando, FL, from February 6th to 9th, 2023. Our innovative design elements, including LED counters, banner stands, custom flooring, and strategic booth layouts, helped to create an immersive and memorable experience for attendees.

The booth’s focal points were the sleek LED counters, which showcased WCG’s products and added a touch of sophistication with their vibrant lighting. Strategically placed banner stands to capture attention with high-quality graphics and visuals highlighting WCG’s brand messaging. Custom flooring was used to guide visitors through the booth, and even a hidden closet for storage, adding elegance and facilitating wayfinding.

The strategic placement of meeting areas allowed for conversations, and the hidden closet provided a convenient storage solution for materials and belongings, keeping the booth clean and clutter-free. Overall, the exhibit was a resounding success, with a seamless flow and engaging experience for WCG and its visitors. We look forward to continuing our partnership with WCG and creating more remarkable exhibits in the future, helping them make a lasting impression at SCOPE and beyond.

WCG Scope 20x20 exhibit 2023
WCG 20x20 booth at SCOPE 2023

2023 Seafood Expo North America

We are thrilled to share our recent success designing booths for five esteemed companies at the 2023 Seafood Expo North America in Boston. Our team has been hard at work, using our creative minds and technical skills to bring each company’s vision to life.

Villa Seafood – 10×20 Booth with LED Counter Villa Seafood wanted a booth that would captivate attention and highlight their premium seafood products. Our team designed a sleek, modern 10×20 booth with a stunning LED counter that created a vibrant focal point. The booth featured tasteful branding and ample space for meeting with the attendees.

villa seafood 10x20 expo exhibit sena

Laitram Machinery – 10×20 exhibit with a Kiosk Laitram Machinery needed a booth to showcase their cutting-edge seafood processing equipment. Our team created a dynamic 10×20 exhibit with a prominent front kiosk that drew visitors in. The booth incorporated interactive displays and engaging graphics to effectively communicate Laitram Machinery’s innovative solutions.

Laitram machinery expo exhibit 10x20

Seaborn – 10×30 exhibit with custom acrylic and a huge couch Seaborn wanted a booth providing a comfortable and inviting space for networking and business meetings. Our team designed a 10×30 booth with a custom acrylic entrance with their logo on it, an oversized couch for relaxation, and strategically placed graphics to create a cohesive and visually appealing visitor experience.

Konsept Seaborn 10x30 expo exhibit sena

Del Pacifico – 10×10 Booth with inviting graphics Del Pacifico needed a booth to stand out in a smaller space and make a significant impact. Our team created a visually compelling 10×10 booth with inviting graphics that drew visitors in. The booth featured a clean, minimalist design with bold branding, showcasing Del Pacifico’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

Del-Pacifico at sena 10x10 expo booth

Innovation Norway – 20×50 Booth with brand sections Innovation Norway required a booth representing multiple companies and showcasing the best Norwegian seafood. Our team designed a sprawling 20×50 booth divided into eight distinct sections, each representing a different brand. Despite the individual sections, the booth maintained a cohesive overall design, incorporating Norwegian elements and branding to create a seamless experience for visitors.

Innovation Norway 20x50 expo exhibit sena

We are proud of our team’s hard work and dedication in creating these stunning booths for our clients. The Seafood Expo North America was a huge success, and we received rave reviews from our clients and event attendees. We look forward to more exciting projects in the future, pushing the boundaries of exhibit design and creating unforgettable experiences for our clients and their audiences. Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming projects and design inspirations!

Illuminating Memories: The Memorial Wall Honoring Fallen Law Enforcement Heroes

US Customs memorial wall navy 3d letters white vinyl

We were honored to work with our client to create a Memorial Wall that pays tribute to the courageous law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Every detail of the wall was carefully considered, from the materials used to the design elements incorporated into the display.

One of the critical design elements we utilized was backlit panels to showcase the photos of the fallen officers. The soft glow of light behind each photo creates a moving and reverential display, highlighting the faces of these heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The materials chosen for the Memorial Wall were also thoughtfully selected to ensure durability and timelessness. We used wood laminate to create a natural and warm aesthetic, symbolizing the connection between the officers and the communities they served. Meticulously applied to the panels, Vinyl lettering adds a clean and professional touch, making it easy for visitors to read the names and stories of the fallen heroes. Additionally, navy 3D letters were used to add depth and distinction to the display, paying homage to the traditional colors of law enforcement.

The brand identity was seamlessly woven into the design of the Memorial Wall, with the logo featuring a badge and a star proudly displayed on the wall. The color palette of blue and gold, drawn from the logo, was integrated into the design, creating a cohesive and impactful visual experience that reflects the courage and sacrifice of the fallen officers.

In conclusion, we are proud to have worked with our client to create a Memorial Wall that genuinely honors the brave law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. The use of backlit panels, wood laminate, vinyl lettering, and navy 3D letters, along with the brand identity, create a moving and impactful tribute. We are grateful to have been a part of this project.

Meeting Room Design Transforms CPS’ Memphis, TN Location


When client Comprehensive Pharmacy Services reached out to us for help when updating their Memphis, TN meeting room design, we created a branded interior that showcases their achievements and increases the company’s brand cohesion. As a result, the room became a functional, collaborative space for employees. Consequently, our customer said, “…it looks amazing! Thank you all for the work you’ve done on transforming this space into a modern, functional conference room!”

Branded Interior Transformation for UP Professional Solutions


It is always a delight to work with UP Professional Solutions on their event and interior projects. Repurposing parts of their 2017 Downstream Engineering, Construction and Maintenance conference booth into a branded environment was an exciting challenge. As a result, the branded interior exuded professionalism with lots of team-building space for employees. 

custom exhibit design

Conference Booth

Since 1980, UP Professional Solutions has connected skilled workers to jobs in the oil and gas and manufacturing industries. UP’s experience, integrity and commitment to employee and worksite safety earns recognition in the industry. To help our client stand out at #Downstream2017 we designed a halo-lit logo sign for the back wall. A backlit SEG graphic showcasing a UP employee performing a safety check establishes credibility and expertise. Additionally, a custom counter and color-coordinated carpet bring cohesion to the display.

corporate environment

Branded Interior

After its success at Downstream, UP wished to enhance its lobby space at their downtown New Orleans headquarters. The goal of the branded interior transformation was to express company culture, showcase awards and add collaborative space.

The glowing sign from the conference booth became a key part of an awards wall display. UP’s 3D tagline and LED shelves enhanced the branded signage. Additionally, we installed the SEG graphic on an unused wall. We repurposed the branded counter as a storage console and bar for company gatherings. Finally, using custom wallpaper, we highlighted UP’s mission, vision and values and created a collaborative nook.

up professional solutions branded interior award wall
up professional solutions branded interior
corporate environment

First, we created a dynamic, eye-catching booth for UP by understanding our client and their sales and marketing objectives. Then we extended the life of their display investment by repurposing several exhibit elements into the lobby transformation. Consequently, the solution maintains brand consistency and motivates and inspires employees long after the show’s end.

corporate environment
corporate environment

Interior Signage Remodel for Essential Federal Credit Union


Essential Federal Credit Union is back and better than ever after last year’s devastating floods affected its operations across the Greater Baton Rouge area. Rather than let the flood destroy the company’s spirit, EFCU took the opportunity to enhance its Walker, Louisiana branch. Synergy collaborated on its interior signage remodeling needs. 


We designed 3-dimensional signage and a stunning custom wall for the Essential Café. Then, we installed the credit union’s 3d logo onto a front reception counter. In addition, we revamped their service areas with custom wallpaper showcasing some of the Walker, LA area’s history. These changes brought EFCU’s brand and company culture to the forefront of an already beautiful bank location.

HCCL Bilingual Workforce Training & Development Center

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana’s Bilingual Workforce Training & Development Center provides invaluable resources for the Hispanic community. In addition to offering business courses and seminars, language classes and job postings, the center hones participants’ skills and connects them to career opportunities. The Bilingual Workforce Development Training program enrolls over 200 adults per year since 2008 and offers the only web-based, bilingual workforce training in Louisiana.

Prior to its grand opening on January 24, 2017, Synergy Design Group brought cohesion to the lobby with interior signage. The front door panel and the back wall’s 3-dimensional mounted signage greet visitors and exude professionalism. Explore the pictures below to see more of the Bilingual Workforce Training & Development Center transformation.

bilingual workforce training and development center
hccl foundation branded interior
hccl foundation branded interior
hccl foundation branded interior

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