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Striking a Chord: Amazon Music’s Interactive Booth at CMA Fest Fan Fair X 2022

Amazon Music Booth

Project Overview

Amazon Music approached our experienced team with a challenge for the CMA Fan Fair Expo in Nashville, TN, from June 7th to 12th, 2022. They needed a dynamic 30×40 booth for the annual CMA Fest, featuring several interactive and engaging elements. The client sought a meet & greet area with queue line management, a self-service merch shop, an artist lounge/social capture space, a Country Heat playlist photo backdrop, a closet for extra storage, and a custom prize wheel for giveaways. Leveraging our expertise in [specific area], we were able to design a booth that not only met these requirements but also exceeded expectations.

Amazon records
Amazon Merch

Design & Implementation

We crafted a vibrant and functional booth, incorporating unique elements that set it apart. Our custom prize wheel, resembling a disco ball, was a show-stopping centerpiece. It was inset in a custom cabinet for storage and used adhesive-backed vinyl for color blocking and display graphics. We also introduced self-service merch areas where visitors could use QR codes to purchase items directly from their phones. The Country Heat photo backdrop, designed to make fans look like they were featured on the popular Amazon Music Podcast thumbnail, was a hit. Floating records with custom Amazon Music Center decals added a unique touch to the meet & greet area, enhancing the overall experience.

Amazon Music Photo backdrop booth


The booth was met with resounding praise from Amazon Music and the visitors, who were highly appreciative of the interactive and visually appealing setup. The unique features of the booth led to a significant increase in engagement and positive brand association, as reported by Amazon. Looking ahead, Amazon plans to repurpose some of the sustainable elements for future events, a clear indication of the project’s success. Our design not only met but exceeded the client’s needs, creating a truly memorable and successful experience at the CMA Fest Fan Fair X.

Amazon Music Wheel
Amazon angeld_

Illuminating Success: A Warped Design for Excellence


Project Overview

Our client was in need of an exhibit design that was not just practical, but also innovative. They desired a design that would balance openness with practicality, featuring a prominent product wall and open-air spaces. They were particularly drawn to backlit items and required seating for representatives. The design was to be a showcase of products, akin to a museum, with segmented displays for each country and product, offering a unique and engaging experience.

Design & Implementation

We designed a 16-foot tower with a locking closet and a 12-foot wood slat canopy. This structure, with its locking closet, provides secure storage for valuable items during the exhibit. The 12-foot wood slat canopy, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, ensures comfort and coolness for the representatives. With RGB LED lighting, the “WARPED” 3D edge-lit signage created a stunning visual impact, attracting visitors to the exhibit. We also incorporated custom showcase cases and a laminated reception counter with LED toe-kick lighting, enhancing the display of products and providing a welcoming reception area. Our mix of brand neutrals and wood accents provided a cohesive, attractive design that aligns with the client’s brand identity.


Our client loved the exhibit, praising its quality and custom elements. They specifically mentioned their appreciation for the matching of wood for bases and tabletops, which they felt added a touch of elegance to the exhibit. The furniture, flooring, and VIP area were also highlighted as areas of satisfaction. The colors and graphics met their expectations, and the electrical setup was perfect despite minor adjustments needed for wiring holes. The panels stayed up, and video integration was seamless. The client was thrilled with the final product and plans to repurpose the sustainable items for future exhibits, a testament to their satisfaction with the exhibit’s sustainability and longevity.

Warped PCA Side view
Warped rendering

Workboat 2021

A blue booth with a large sign on the wall that says "Up to 30 years of corrosion protection. The secret to significant savings with patented covalox technology." The sign also includes the logos of Jotun and Jotacote UNIVERSAL S120.
A blue and white booth with stairs leading up to it. The booth has the text "MP MARITIME PARTNERS Occupancy 9 exhibit designed by SYNERGY DETOR GROUP" on it.
A booth with tables and chairs inside of it. The booth has a white backdrop and a black banner on the wall that says "TTEL 1005 SINCE 2". The banner also includes the logos of TTEL and Germany. There are several tables and chairs in the booth, and some of the tables have laptops on them.
A control panel and stools on a blue carpeted floor in front of a large military ship. The control panel has several buttons and knobs, and the stools are facing the ship. The text "PEARLSON SHIPLIFT F AVENTORS OF THE MODERN SHIPLIFT THE LEGACY CONTINUES 55555 62" is visible on the control panel. Workboat
A model of a Cox outboard motor on display at a boat show. The motor is silver and black, and it has the words "COX CX0300 DINING STANDARDS IN MARINE PROPULSON A DIESEL OUTBOARD. WITHOUT COMPROMISE GO DIESEL CHOICE" on it.
A group of stools sitting around a table in a room. The stools are black and white, and the table is dark wood. There is a television on the wall behind the table. The text "exhibit designed by SYNERGY DESIGN GROUP" and "POINT POWER" are visible on the table.

In December, thousands of maritime industry professionals came together to network and discover new products at the International Workboat Show in #NOLA. Our clients for #IWBS21 provide a variety of commercial vessel solutions and marine equipment. They stood out on the trade show floor with their eye-catching #exhibitdesigns that showcase their innovative products and high-quality services.

We enjoyed collaborating with Jotun, Pearlson Shiplift, Schottel, Cox PowerTrain, Point 8 Power, and Deepfried’s client, Maritime Partners, on their booth designs to highlight who they are and what they do! We can’t wait to see Workboat in 2022!

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