Xpressions Snap Pop Up Trade Show Display for LSU

The Xpressions Snap pop up trade show display is an innovative solution that addresses two of our clients’ exhibiting concerns: ease of set-up and customizability. Louisiana State University wished for a display that was lightweight, portable and interchangeable for different marketing campaigns. Therefore, we collaborated on this pop up solution for their public relations events and trade shows.

Ease of Set-Up

Sometimes, companies have the ability to send multiple sales personnel to trade shows. That means more people to assist with set-up. However, not every company has the size to send multiple employees, so they select one or two team members for the show. In these cases, an easy-to-set-up, portable display is key. Enter the Xpressions Snap system. It pops into place and is super lightweight for easy transportation and fewer shipping charges.


Marketing messages change, so your display may have to as well. Instead of investing in a whole new display each time, why not switch out a graphic or two? The Xpressions Snap system allows you to do just that.


Check out the photos above and ask us about an Xpressions Snap system for your trade show and event needs today.

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